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Permits and licenses

Obtaining approvals from the various Government departments can be tedious and complex, even for the most seasoned professionals. To get your project started as quickly as possible, you’ll receive a dedicated expediter with well-established connections across India who will work hand-in- hand with our compliance department to develop an optimal approval plan. This integrated effort ensures your documents are submitted accurately saving you time and energy.
We are dealing in numerous license approvals like - Licensed Products, Building Licenses, Import License, Event licenses, Food Licenses, Operating Licenses for Commercial establishments and numerous Business Units, Licenses for Cinemas, Hotels, Restaurants & Bars, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Commercial Projects, Residential Projects and various other approvals for Industries, Factories and Manufacturing Units. Obtaining all the requisite approvals for setting up any new Commercial or Industrial projects till it starts commercial operations is equally our forte.

Building Plan Approval

Pollution NOC

Business Startup

Fire / Electrial

Health / Trade

FSSAI / Food

Environment Clearance

Building / OC / CC

Cinemas / Mutliplex Licence

Shopping Malls

Change of land use

Hospitals / Schools

Manufacturing Units

Excise / Liqour License

Drugs / Cosmetics

Structural Stability

Music / Signage

Factory / Warehouse

Police / Traffic

Explosive / Storage

Legal Meteorology

Ground Water Approval

Import & Export

GST Registration


Guides the cliental through enforcement of Commercial Contacts, Civil and Criminal matters, recovery Matters, inclusive of right suits for infringement and passing off, writ petitions, appeals, rectification/revocation petitions, special leave petitions etc. before numerous courts and tribunals. Supports criminal enforcement actions which also include those involving real-estate matters, recovery suits, anti-piracy and counterfeiting.

Spotting the alternative for dispute resolutions through mediation, arbitrations, conciliations etc. Stands during commercial litigation which is inclusive of representation before different courts in various jurisdictions operating in the Nation. Emerge Legal also assist with taking border control measures which includes filing of custom watch notice.

Corporate Lawyer

Emerge Legal provides Corporate Legal services know as Corporate Lawyer in which it renders support to clients on monthly subscription and provides services as it is their own in-house Legal Team (Department), proving Advisory and Legal support in day to day business affairs regarding, Contract Management & Contract Negotiations, Notices form Government Agencies / Private individuals, Statutory compliance, Foreign investments, Company formation, Joint ventures and legal due diligence. It also assist during representation before varied governmental departments and quasi- Judicial Authorities. Supports in obtaining all kinds of statutory and commercial registration.

Succour with legal advice, support and strategy on various litigations which includes enforcement of Commercial Contracts, Recovery Matters, Foreign Exchange Management act, the companies Act, Foreign Direct Investment Policy, Labour Law, Cinema Law, Sports Law, Competition Law, Packing and Labelling Regulation, Food Law etc.After subscribing the Corporate Lawyer Services Organisation need to to hire its in-house legal team

Trademarks & Copyrights

Intellectual Property (IP) services includes Trademarks, copyrights & Patents registrations, recognizes that a successful IP enforcement strategy can make an important contribution to a company’s bottom line. We help a wide variety of clients protect what is theirs, and police the marketplace against infringements and unfair competitive practices. Intellectual property is recognized as one of the most important assets that can be held by a corporation or an individual. Today, the threat of intellectual property infringement increases with each passing day as infringers find it easier and faster to take advantage of the IP owner’s hard work in creating the intellectual property sought to be protected. It is a well-known fact that intellectual property registration & safeguard is one of the most expensive types of services.

We at Emerge Legal have a legacy of successfully handling with experience in various aspects of IP registrations, patent disputes, copyright and trademark matters, domain name disputes, trade secret protection, unfair competition claims, false advertising, and defamation, publicity and privacy issues.

Due Dilligence

Any business considering a possible transaction must assess all relevant parameters of the investment. A neutral due diligence is essential as it analyses and validates all financial, legal, commercial, operational and strategic aspects of the transaction. It uses previous trading knowledge to form a opinion of the future and ensures that there are no 'black holes'. We support our clients in identifying key business drivers and KPIs, value corrections and other significant materials to ensure that you make a knowledgeable decision on the transaction.

Contact management

Emerge Legal also renders virtual contract management services in this section by Drafting, Vetting and Redlining the various legal documents like agreement, contracts, Affidavits, Memorandums etc. we also negotiations on legal clauses on behalf of its clients We vet and review all kinds of legal documents.

Labour Compliances

Emerge Legal is a well-known HR Labour Compliance Outsourcing company and have expertise in EPF & ESIC Compliance, Labour Law Compliance Audit, Payroll Processing Establishment Compliance, Factory Act Compliance, Contract Labour Law Compliance and Labour Laws Licencing Services. Emerge Legal PAN India presence ensure that our clients are able to function across the country without any legal hindrances by managing all Labour Laws legalities and do liaising with regulatory bodies and other authorities

PF & ESIC Compliance

Payroll Processing

Factory Act Compliances

Exemption Permission under Labour Laws

Handling Departmental Inspections

Contract Labour Registrations

Shop & Establishment Compliances

Labour Laws Licencing Services

Factory Building Plan/Licence Approval

Vendor Compliance

Liaising with Authorities

Notice Board Compliances